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Brad Trahan for Mayor


Recent years have made the great people of Rochester, MN feel like a divided people. The truth is that we share much more in common than we have differences. By coming together as one, we can build powerful partnerships and collaborations by listening and learning from one another. We can find a middle ground. We can envision and shape a future Rochester that works for everyone. A place where respectful and open-minded communication shapes a city for all. A humble, listening mind, a ‘can-do’ attitude, and shared positivity are the building blocks we need to produce the thriving, vibrant Rochester we all desire. Today we have an opportunity to come together as a community and become stronger!

Brad wants to share his vision of a better Rochester with the people of our city. He will listen to ALL of you share your ideas. He wants to learn which issues are closest to your heart. Some key initiatives that Brad will pursue based on his passions and his conversations with YOU, the Citizens of Rochester, are:

Public Safety

Brad will work tirelessly to increase funding and training for Rochester’s police and first responder services.

Supporting Local Businesses

Brad will commit to decreasing red tape in forming and operating a business in Rochester and give companies an incentive to purchase services from local vendors.

Affordable and Senior Housing

Brad will push for lease-to-buy opportunities with affordable housing and support affordable senior housing options.

Recreational and Adaptive Opportunities

Brad will work with those in charge to utilize current sports facilities for fair and equitable recreational opportunities and increase Park and Rec Adaptive programs.

Trade Industry

Brad will push for streamlined building regulatory processes, striving for effective and efficient methods that reduce wait times for permits and inspections and mutually benefit the industry and City government.

Fiscal Responsibility

The Citizens of Rochester want to lead their lives and raise their families without undue hardship from government taxes, regulations, and control. While we must have fiscal responsibility in our personal lives, the city must also have budgetary responsibility and balance its finances to reduce hardship on its people. 

Brad wants to learn from YOU. He is a listener and a facilitator. He wants to help create the united Rochester of the future. He wants to facilitate a city government for all, undivided by party lines. Do not hesitate to reach out to him if there are issues you wish to see addressed. Reach out here


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