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The Mayoral position is a non-partisan Leader for our community. I will work in tandem with the six Council Members and one Member at Large (Council President), who you duly elect, the citizens, to build a strong foundation and accomplish the goals toward a robust future for the City of Rochester.


Listening to the citizens and your ideas and concerns for our city neighborhoods, recreation, entertainment, hospitality, employment, health, the business community, and public safety. For too long, our elected officials have pushed their agenda on us, and I will not do that. I will listen to you, the Rochester citizens, on matters that mean most to you.


Learning about the different obstacles faced by citizens of Rochester and their ideas on how to bring about change those benefits all. I’m not a professional politician. I haven’t spent decades listening to bureaucrats. I have spent years learning about city government. There is a disconnect between our government and our citizens. Rochester citizens are not being heard, and I want to listen and learn from you.


Leading the way to a brighter future through new initiatives aimed at addressing issues we become aware of by listening and learning from you, the citizens of Rochester. We will achieve so much more by working together than any one person, business, or entity could ever do on their own.